• Caring for the eyes of Mackay since 1952

We Look Deeper and Wider

Buck & Todd Optometrists take the time to evaluate the health of your eyes looking deeper and wider than what we refer to as supermarket eye care practitioners. Whilst these supermarket specialise in full speed eye test which may take only 15 minutes, our comprehensive evaluation takes up to 40 minutes and we examine your eyes in the finest details.

With the latest in eye care equipment we can evaluate the health of your eyes assessing for diabetes, macula degeneration and glaucoma with unsurpassed digital imaging. Our Optomap equipment allows us the widest field of view of your retina possible and if required our Ocular Coherence Tomographer takes up to 53000  A scans per second to create cross sectional images of your retina for the detection of macula degeneration changes and glaucoma.

We always take the time to evaluate how your eyes work together ensuring you not only get the best eyewear but if there is a better way to improve your vision, concentration and prevent sore eyes and headaches then we will know.

Dry eye is evaluated on every patient and we actively seek anterior eye disease which can contribute to sore or dry eyes and treat these conditions with a variety of mechanisms at our disposal.

If you value your most precious sense; sight ; you’ll agree that a little more time spent ensuring your eye health is at its best is worthwhile. At Buck & Todd Optometrists we take the time to evaluate your eyes.