• Caring for the eyes of Mackay since 1952

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Local & Personal

Caring for the eyes of Mackay since 1952.         

We have been caring for Mackay eyes since 1952 and along the way we have developed our practice to provide the most up to date, most technologically equipped and most experienced optometry service. Simply put we take the time with you to give you and your eyes a more in depth assessment and more options for vision care. Our comprehensive eye examinations are a minimum of 30 minutes in duration. Our equipment alone makes us stand out from the optometry crowd in Mackay, click HERE to see more.


Independent & Individual

We treat you as an individual because we are.

We pride ourselves on being thorough; our eye examinations evaluate every detail about your eyes and your vision function. This allows our optometrists to create a reliable baseline for future comparison, making sure no changes go undetected. We take the time to explain our findings and offer the best options of treatment for your individual needs whether that be glasses, contact lens, eye drops, eye exercises etc.


How we care for your eyes

Longer appointments for the care you deserve. 

We offer advice, treatment and referrals for a variety of eye conditions as well as pre and post operative care. Some of these conditions include glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, pterygium, corneal grafts, laser surgery, and more. We work in co-operative care of our patients with both local ophthalmologists and sub specialist ophthalmologists in Brisbane, Townsville and Rockhampton.

Keeping up to date with the latest technological advances in equipment and eye care, has always been a priority at Buck and Todd as we aim to provide the best primary eye care possible. Dry eyes, sore eyes, foreign body removal and conjunctivitis can all be treated by our optometrist. We also provide annual diabetes eye health maintenance to ensure any early diabetic changes are found and monitored.


Look and see your best

Access to designer frames.

We offer a variety of frames suitable for all different shapes, sizes and designs you could desire. Our trained front of house staff can help you select frames suited to your prescription and style. As we are an independent practice we have the luxury of updating our stock throughout the year.

To see which brands we stock click HERE.


Thinner, Clearer, Lighter lenses

Spectacle lenses are always evolving and now can be thinner, lighter and clearer than ever before. We have a vast catalogue of lens designs with Zeiss Laboratories to offer the best quality lens. From single vision to multifocal glasses, we have your best quality vision at heart. With an array of lens tinting and coating options we can customised your glasses to suit your lifestyle. Our dispensing staff are trained to help select a lens design and extras that will benefit your vision and budget.


Children’s Vision Specialist

Helping learning difficulties, myopia control and reducing stress on young developing eyes.

Our behavioural testing focuses on more than just a child’s quality of vision. Our optometrists incorporate the complexities of vision processing at a neurological level and assess whether how we can improve a child’s reading and comprehension. While we can help patients with Dyslexia, we are not qualified to make a formal diagnoses.

For more important on our Child assessments click HERE.



As we are a private practice and offer such an extensive service we do not bulk bill assessments, but Medicare does give you a portion of the cost back. If your eyes aren’t worth a bit more time and money then what is? We pride ourselves on innovation, information and intuition based on experience. For a quote on what an eye assessment may cost you, call our friendly team today!


At your Appointment

Please aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time to allow our team time to check your details and pre-test you. Bringing along the glasses that you are currently using would also be helpful so our optometrists can look at your current prescription. We do at times experience delays due to unforseen complications, requiring further testing.  Our team will try to warn you before your appointment time if this does occur, if you are unable to wait please let our reception staff know and we will reschedule. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we take the time to provide the best care possible for everyone we see.