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Overnight Vision Correction (Orthokeratology)

Using specially designed retainer molds; similar to contact lenses you can improve your vision by sleeping with these retainers at night. This results in not needing glasses, contacts or surgery to see clearly throughout the day. Suitable for prescriptions from +4.00 to -9.00 and for most astigmatism. We have helped hundreds in Mackay achieve clear vision all day since 2006.

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Ieuan H. Rees

B.A.Sc.(Optom)Hones Grad Cert Ocular Therapeutics. MBCO, MOOA. Specialty Contact lens Practitioner, Orthokeratologist, Behavioural Optometrist

What Is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology is a program of corneal lens wear while the patient is asleep. This retainer adjusts the shape of the cornea to a shape which allows the user to achieve quality visual acuity throughout the day without need for glasses or daily wear contact lenses. Orthokeratology is a safe, viable and reversible alternative to refractive surgery. Patients wear the lenses overnight and remove them on awakening.

The cornea, whilst being moldable, always returns to its original shape if lens wear is stopped. For this reason lenses must be worn every night, in order to retain the correction achieved.

            Original Shape                                             Modified Shape
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Why Have Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)?

The main purpose of Ortho-K is to be free of both contact lenses and spectacles for the majority of the day. This grants freedom from any artificial to spectacle and contact lens wearers and is ideal for sportsmen, those who work in dusty or dirty environments or people who find spectacles and conventional contact lenses inconvenient. In addition, those who need to have a certain degree of uncorrected vision to satisfy their employers, or a licensing body (e.g. pilots, police), can also be helped by Ortho-K.

One of the ideal situations for using Ortho-K is for the child or teenager with early myopia. Not only does it have all the advantages already given above, but the procedure has been shown to control the progression of the myopia.


Is Ortho-K Suitable for Everyone?

No, not everybody can have Ortho-K. Only after a thorough eye examination can we determine if you are a candidate. The complexity of the corneal shape, the prescription being corrected and the expectations of the patient need to be fully assessed before suitability can be determined.

What Does The Initial Visit Involve?

The initial assessment involves a full eye health examination as well as computerised corneal scans. The optometrist will also assess the cornea, tear film and eyelids to determine the likely effects of treatment with each individual patient and the overall health of your eyes.


Ortho-K Program

Our Ortho-K Program is designed to suit a variety of patients based on the presenting prescription, corneal shape and desired outcome. The program commits us to providing you the best possible care and commits you to maintaining that care. You sign up to our program of care annually which includes initial upfront assessments, corneal lens molds and yearly replacement corneal lens molds with ongoing maintenance. The program of care is required to monitor your eye health and use of molds, it is for your protection. We will manage any corneal infections, inflammation, conjunctivitis or other irritations that may occur. To help prevent any damage or wear to the lenses the program allows for them to be replaced annually.

Ortho-K molds, made from highly oxygen permeable rigid material, are then fitted using the results of the corneal scan to gently reshape the cornea towards the desired shape, allowing optical correction.

When you first receive the molds, you will wear them overnight and then evaluate the results the following next morning with us. The effect should be a reduction of refractive error and improvement in unaided vision. The corneal health will be carefully evaluated to ensure that it is not compromised. At first it is unlikely to be 100% and daily disposable contact lenses may be used to correct residual refractive error for the first few days of treatment.


What Does The Program Involve?

Initially we will teach you how to insert and remove the lenses, the do’s and don’ts of lens handling and wear and provide you with lenses. You will also receive a starter kit of solutions for the first few nights of use.  Often 2 to 3 days revision is required to reveal a pattern of change to ensure the original corneal lens mold is creating the desired change and is in the correct position.

Once a patient has shown the appropriate results for first few nights of wear, solutions adequate for the first 3 months of wear are given to the patient and the cleaning and maintenance procedure fully explained. Review periods will vary dependent on results.

After the first month, excellent vision and comfort are normally maintained whilst doing Ortho-K. Some patients will be able to wear their lenses every second night, however this is the rarity and not recommended unless your care provider gives it the ok.

As most of the visual changes occur rapidly in the first few weeks, fairly frequent examinations and possible lens changes may need to take place. Stabilization procedures then follow at a slower pace over the next few weeks. The initial frequent reviews within the program vary depending upon the degree of visual error. The initial payment for the Ortho-K program includes all follow up visits for the first year. Every 3 months you can come into practice to collect a new 3 month supply of solutions. These solutions are for the use of caring for the lenses and getting them in and out only. If you are suffering from dry eyes you must purchase addition drops.

Following the first month reviews are generally set for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. At 12 months you will be requested to sign up to a new program (60% of the initial fee) which will include new corneal molds, a maximum of 4 reviews and a $50 credit towards contact lens solutions.


Got your corneal molds from someone else?

With all Ortho-k patients from somewhere else we need information on how the corneal was and what the prescription was before and since the start of Ortho-K. Without any information we are putting you at risk as we will be making lots of assumptions. Without access to this information we will need to recommence a treatment plan and return to baseline before any corneal molds can be dispensed.

Program Inclusions

One pair of hyper oxygen permeable Corneal Reshaping Devices will be included at the start of the treatment program. If refitting for clinical reasons is required during the first six months no further charges for molds will be made.

Loss of Lenses:
Cost per replacement corneal molds is at 25% of the initial program costs per mold replaced. (It takes up to 12 working days to make a new lens.) No insurance from the practice is available for loss. A 3-month warranty on breakage from date of first treatment device order is included. Broken lenses must be returned to the practice.

Spare Molds:
Spare Molds are not included in the program but can be purchased within the first 3 months at 20% of the initial program cost. After 3 months corneal molds cost 25% of the initial program fee.