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At Buck & Todd Optometry, we individually customise your eyewear solution to give you optimal vision in any circumstance.


Spectacles are complex individually customised devices that aide vision. They can be used to improve comfort and efficiency. They can even affect the future development of your eyesight. They can be used to alleviate symptoms, exercise the eyes and prevent problems. The prescription you can wear is a combination of the power of the lenses and how it sits when you look through the glasses. This is an area that requires a high level of expertise, experience and personal attention.


Modern eyewear goes much further than Distance or Reading glasses now days. Not only do we have access to multifocal lenses that allow flexible vision between distance and near but we also have the ability to customise the lens to your own unique lifestyle and visually needs. We can accommodate for those working eyes too with office designed lenses and blue protect coatings. The possibilities are endless.


Follow the links below to see our some of the lenses we offer, the frame brands we stock and the benefits of sunglass use.