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  • If you suffer headaches following reading, writing, computer work or driving you may benefit from an upgrade to your prescription, eye co-ordination exercise/vision therapy, a vision stress relieving tint or a combination of all three.
  • Headaches can be caused by a variety of factors including eyestrain, glaucoma and visual stress.
  • Often with alleviation of these factors the frequency and severity of headaches is reduced.
  • Posture, diet, medications, injuries and disease processes can all cause headaches but if you suspect your headache is even partially related to your eyes or vision then a comprehensive assessment is required.
  • Most of these questions can be found on our printout pdf. Headache questionnaire.
  • Please take the time to print out and fill in the questionnaire and please present with it when you attend for your appointment.
  • We will assess your eyes for any likely ocular cause of headaches and if necessary consider extra investigation such as Intuitive Colourimetry or Vision Therapy if required to relieve the headaches.