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Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is an individualised program of activities that with repetition allows us to develop and modify an action, in this case visual. By utilising a customised program, the aim is to improve the coordination and function of the visual system and incorporate visual processing.

VT helps to increase a patient’s ability to concentrate on a task without visual fatigue. This improves their quality of work, ability to learn in the classroom, and ability to focus for long periods of time. Patients also learn how to better control their eyes and improve their understanding of what they are seeing and reading.

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If you or your child has 20/20 vision, it does not necessarily mean you have good vision. Vision is the ability to coordinate both eyes together to allow the accurate direction of movement and increase the awareness of text and other visual processing.

Vision Therapy at Buck and Todd Optometrist

After a Behavioural Eye Examination (Children’s Vision | Buck Todd Optometrist Mackay) has been completed, we can customise a vision therapy program that will give you or your child the ability to acquire, retain or enhance their visual skills, including peripheral vision, depth perception, tracking, and fixation just to name a few.

An orientation session with our Vision Therapy Assistant Ms Liz follows, allowing demonstration of some vision therapy activities, goal setting (what you or your child would like to achieve from the program), discussion of expectations, and stressing the need for patient participation for performance. It goes without saying that if you or your child does not put in the work both in practice and at home, this program won’t be as successful as anticipated. We do our best to create an engaging, achievement based and effective program for each patient.

If you decide to go ahead with the prescribed treatment plan, you or your child will have weekly sessions with Ms Liz to learn activities to help develop the visual skills necessary to help with everyday function. These activities must be completed at home on a daily basis in order to have these skills retained after completing treatment. With each planned treatment block, the patient has an optometrist review to monitor their progress (this is so that we can make appropriate changes throughout the program).

  • Please note that the length of you or your child’s program will vary depending on the severity.
  • A standard program can be as short as 20 sessions and can go up to as long as 50 sessions or more for a severe case (feel free to ask at your VT orientation if you are unsure how severe you or your child’s case is).

Who would benefit from Vision Therapy?

There is no age limit to who would benefit from Vision Therapy. We work with children all the way through to adults who suffer from various symptoms or vision related problems. These include, however are not limited to:

  • Learning related vision problems including Dyslexia
  • Poor eye teaming or eye coordination (Vergence/Focussing issues)
  • “Lazy” eye or “eye/s that turn” (Amblyopia/Strabismus)
  • Mild traumatic brain injury (rehabilitation: visual difficulties secondary to brain/head trauma or stroke
  • Computer users
  • Elite athletes and sports people
  • Migraine/ headache sufferers
  • Motion sickness
  • Vertigo
  • Poor depth perception
  • Poor peripheral awareness

Vision Therapy equipment

Each patient will receive a workbook and equipment needed for their home therapy sessions at the start of their program. This workbook is to come to each in practice session with our vision therapy assistant as it will have your week of daily homework logged. We do lend patients equipment for physical activities that need to be taken care of while at home and returned to the practice in good condition. These tools are not toys and are expensive.

VT and Syntonics.

Syntonics is an amazingly effective adjunctive therapy which enhances our Vision Therapy program. Syntonics uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate brain function, reduce stress and open awareness of peripheral fields. To read about Syntonics is and how it may benefit you or your child click HERE.

Syntonics 3

Cost and Rebate.

The cost of vision therapy depends on the length of the program that has been recommended. We offer a discounted price of patients that book their sessions at certain times of the day. As a part of the information package, we email through to patients considering VT, we include program fees and information regarding an EziDebitTM payment plan to pay off the amount of the sessions over the course of the treatment.

If you feel you would benefit from vision therapy, call our friendly team, and book a consultation today. If your child is struggling in school and could benefit from a comprehensive behavioural eye exam, please take the time to complete the following child pre-examination questionnaire and we will contact you to book a behavioural eye assessment.

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Vision Therapy Graduate 2023
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