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Parents / Child Questionnaire

Quality school performance requires quality visual function. Our vision evaluation goes beyond the traditional sight examination investigating how comfortably and efficiently your child’s focusing and binocular vision works. We assess proprioceptive (body movement) links to vision information processing, to gain an insight as to whether your child understands what he/she sees.

Stress no matter the level, can lead to the development of vision adaptations, both functional (myopia development, turned/lazy eye, postural anomalies) and behavioural (avoidance, poor concentration). We evaluate for these adaptations and plan a course of action to return visual development to normal pathways. Knowing your child’s developmental, medical, family ocular and family medical history combined with observations of your child (by yourself and others), allows us to understand your child’s visual needs. Please take the time with your child, to work through this questionnaire, well before your scheduled appointment. (The option to book online is available on completion of this questionnaire.)

We aim to provide your child the best chance to develop an efficient, comfortable vision system that will allows them to learn to their full potential.

Visual Information Processing includes testing for components of Dyslexia including: Dyspraxia, Laterality, Dysnemkinesia, Dyseidesia, Dysphonesia and Auditory Processing. We also assess for Irlen-Meares Syndrome, however precise determination of any spectral-coloured lens filter will require a subsequent consultation. We do not diagnose dyslexia. 

Full comprehensive children’s binocular vision, proprioceptive, and visual processing assessment takes up to 2+ hours to complete and includes a comprehensive vision report. Cost is $420.00. Medicare may rebate a portion of this cost. Further testing at any subsequent visits may attract other charges: (e.g. colourimetry, visual field assessment, ocular coherence tomography).


Optometric evaluation with comprehensive binocular vision and proprioceptive evaluation, (Standard test), but without full assessment of vision information processing takes 1 hour   and costs $245.00 (does not include a report). You can elect to receive a vision report for a fee of $65.00. Medicare may rebate a portion of this fee. 


Reports include age related performance comparisons and graphical analysis of binocular function versus normal. These are completed within 2 weeks of the initial assessment and a pdf. version is emailed to the parent/guardian. We recommend you share these reports with your child’s school and teachers. If a report is requested and subsequent referral required to an audiologist, chiropractor, occupational therapist, or speech therapist these will be provided at no extra charge.*


After you receive your report, we strongly recommend a 1-hour results discussion appointment with our optometrist. This allows for a full explanation of findings whilst providing you an opportunity to ask questions. This discussion appointment has a fee of $145.00 which Medicare will not rebate. 

A vision report can be made available subsequent to the standard evaluation. (A report fee of $65 applies.)